Roller Coaster Zipline Design India

Featuring the only Roller Coaster Zipline Design India

Roller Coaster Zipline is one-of-a-kind ride that thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike will want to enjoy. However, in addition to its differential appeal, The Roller Coaster Zipline also should be conceived with profitability in mind. High volume throughput with minimal labor equals high profitability.
We engineer eco-conscious rides with high safety standards that will set your location apart in a competitive market while maintaining a generous profit margin. Rope Course India knows what makes a ride successful is something that is safe and thrilling to the visitor and at the same time, marketable and profitable to the owners and/or shareholders

Key features of the Roller Coaster Zipline:

  • Low maintenance and High volume.
  • Capable of launching 60 riders per hour on a single track system of 250 meters. Launch time can vary due to the length of the track.
  • Minimal labor required to run and maintain ride.
  • Low maintenance trolley and track design. Industrial 10 wheel pulley is designed to handle over 1000 riders before bearing or wheel changes.
  • Eco-friendly; requires no power for ride to function.
  • Designed to be in harmony with nature

Our specialists will work with you to customize a path for the Roller Coaster Zipline to maximize the thrills of the ride with your location’s terrain and attributes. Dips and turns are carefully planned out and placed in the optimal positions for location highlights, speed control, safety. Once your RollerCoaster Zipline is custom designed, it will be manufactured to your specifications and professionally installed.

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