Expert Rock climbing wall manufacturer india

Build A Challenging Setup with our expert rock climbing wall manufacturer india

Similar to the Zipline, the con struction cost of a Rock Climbing setup can be adapted to different budgets – elaborate multi-activity towers, with many different activities can be constructed if you increase your budget a little, and simpler, back supported climbing walls can be provided for lower budgets.
Rope Course India has in-depth knowledge of Rock Climbing terrains and equipment, and can provide a complete Turnkey solution:
Rock Climbing Design and Construction: Depending on the client requirement, Rope Course India can design and implement a Rock Climbing wall, completely adapted to the client budget and requirement.
Our team of experts will help you train your Staff and build their capacity to handle the required safety and security measures and equally train the participant for both natural and artificial Rock Climbing walls.
We will also help you get through required inspection and certification from external, international associations

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